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Trigger Point Therapy-Northside Massage Aspley, Brisbane

Trigger Point Therapy-Northside Massage Aspley, Brisbane 150 150 Northside Massage

Trigger Point Therapy involves applying pressure (within the Client’s comfort zone) to Trigger Points, in order that the whole muscle can then relax and return to its resting length. Trigger points are areas of tenderness in a muscle. These can sometimes be felt as a lump when the muscle is massaged.

As a result of this release, any metabolites and waste products that have accumulated in these muscle knots are then moved into the circulation. It is important that after a massage, adequate water is consumed to flush out the circulatory system, otherwise one can experience headaches, dizziness, tiredness or muscle tightness. Trigger points can also be treated by regular stretching.

On a microscopic level, trigger points are made up of segments of muscle fibres which remain in their contracted or shortened state. These develop due to sustained use of the particular muscle in various postures or with various sporting activities. Trigger Points are so named as they can trigger an area of referred pain when they are compressed. These areas of pain do not correlate with the nerve supply to the overlying skin.

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