Who should see a nutritionist? Anyone can benefit from seeing a nutritionist, whether you are seeking to lose or control your weight, manage a lifestyle or diet related disease, or simply improve your general overall health and wellbeing.  It is common for people seeking dietary improvements to have limited knowledge about what to eat, how to eat these foods, and why they are essential for good health and wellbeing.  Other barriers people may face are a lack of time, a lack of skill and ability with cooking, or a lack of interest and motivation.  Nutritionists can help with this.  They can offer their clients evidence based guidance and support on food related matters and a diet program necessary for them to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle and achieve their specific diet/health related goals.  



How GG Nutrition can help you. Georgie’s service involves a diet and nutrition program tailored to suit your individual needs, preferences and goals.  This program will allow you to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, eat delicious and nutritious foods, and at the same time, achieve your specific diet/health related goals.  She understands that seeing a Nutritionist may be daunting, so her goal is provide you with the all the necessary tools and encouragement to stay motivated, educated, supported and confident.  Georgie will provide you with a personalized, balanced and holistic diet program through utilizing maintainable and sustainable methods.  This involves taking what you like to eat and developing this into a meal plan that incorporates healthier, more nutrient-dense versions and alternatives of these foods.  This way, you will not feel like you are on a “diet”, but simply eating for good health.      

Georgie’s special interests include:

  • Improved diet for overall health and wellbeing
  • Weight loss and weight gain
  • Diabetes management
  • High cholesterol management
  • High blood pressure management
  • Eating for fitness and muscle gain

What to expect from consultations


Initial Consultation – One 60 minute session:


  • Comprehensive assessment into health, diet, dietary habits and lifestyle
  • Education on relevant health, diet, and food related matters
  • Establishment of client action plan including goals and strategies
  • 4-Day food diary orientation (to be completed and submitted one week prior to second consultation)
  • Discussion of personalized client meal plan
  • Receive GG Nutrition start pack containing necessary take home information

Second Consultation – One 40 minute session:


  • Reviewal of client action plan and goals
  • Explanation of nutrient analysis report
  • Prescription of specific lifestyle, dietary and nutritional recommendations
  • Receive tailored 6-day meal plan including explanation and guidelines
  • Receive any additional necessary take home information

Follow-up Consultations – At least two 20 minute sessions:


  • Reviewal of client action plan and goals
  • Assessment of client progression
  • Identify any problems, develop solutions and make necessary modifications to client action plan/meal plan
  • Receive any additional take home information and advice

Appointments and Pricing




60 minutes





40 minutes





20 minutes



Private Health insurance rebate available. To book a consultation, please click this link:


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